about rant events

Rant Events are a community based series of unique events that are unlike anything else.

The ideas push the boundaries of Music, Art, Performance and Festivals.

Initially, in 2012 with RANT (Rock All Night), which was the first completely free multi-venue, multi-genre 14 hour festival. And SnowBall, a multi-floor mulit-media music festival celebrating the dead of winter in Pittsburgh. Noting that these festivals have been duplicated by other sections of the city and other promoters, we knew we couldn't be complacent.

So, we keep pushing.

Events like Steel City Pizzafest, Spring It On, and The March of Ides Music and Comedy Festival and several way cool ideas on the way add to the list.

Fun, One off shows like Trashplosion, Mad 80's and The Monster Chiller Rock and Roll Show happen around a dozen times a year.

Why do we do it? Certainly not for large financial rewards, but almost solely due to the fact we love our city.  Pittsburgh loves all things oddball! No matter what wild idea we come up with there is always a venue that will welcome it. 

Who are we? Independent Promoters, Booking agents, Artist and performers that welcome all who are interested in working with us.